Five Day Retreats

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Create the wonderful in you

Nothing wonderful is ever going to happen unless we actively make it happen.

Learn how to master subconscious and conscious emotional states easily and effortlessly, so you can regain control of all aspects of your life and create for you the amazing life you’ve always dreamed of having.

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Advanced wellness health retreats

We teach techniques, technologies and methodologies that will define the model of your true excellence.

Get the simple framework for fluidity and flow: life’s 3 big pillars for you to make personal growth within your constant state, so your personal transformations occur daily on a subconscious, conscious intuitive, autonomic and automatic level.

Raise your energy vibrations to automatically attract abundant energy, unlock your true potential, and make extensive shifts in every area of your life, every single day.

Discover for you the profound principles to eliminate obstacles in all areas of your life, so you can use your heart’s deepest passions to access your best self and make a lasting impact on the model of your world, your environment and the people in it. 

Learn how to master emotional states easily so you can regain control of all aspects of your life and create for you the amazing life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Find out how you can permanently increase your rate of personal transformation for consistent extraordinary growth with real results you can see and experience day by day.

You will learn:

  • How to set out your well-formed conditioned outcomes and goals for your retreat and to make them so big that when you get them this would be one of the most important retreats you will have ever taken.
  • Self-development in specific therapeutic techniques technologies and methodologies.
  • Introduction to the full history of what empowerment is, what perception projection actually is and the consequences of it.
  • How neurotransmitters bathe every cell in the body and the effect of them.
  • Whose responsibility is it for change?
  • Cause and effect, reasons vs results vs empowerment, which side of the cause and effect equation are you choosing to be on?
  • The four steps of learning: unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and unconscious competence.
  • Principles for your success, know your outcome, act, have sensory-acuity, have the flexibility of behaviour, operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence.
  • Reset, recharge, recover, relax, regain healing holistic wellness haven for the ultimate new you.
  • Gain and help you develop the ultimate passion for the care of self that is vital in the hustle and bustle of our world today.
  • Wellness is a choice for you to be in the active process of making the correct choices that lead towards a healthier, fulfilling life psychologically, physically and socially.
  • When you make the decision to treat yourself to a wellness retreat like ours, you will be excited that we will exceed your expectations.
  • Changing your thoughts can transform your energy and your reality that can potentially change your DNA.
  • Learn how to manifest optimal health, wealth and wellbeing for total happiness within you.
  • We will extend for you the new concept of your awareness of the true self.
  • Access the win-win of your own ecology.
  • Integrative breakthrough of personal limitations.
  • The secret of creating NOW!

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